Inclination or Action?

It is hard for me to believe that thousands of homosexuals around the world are lying when they say that they are born with homosexual inclinations. Now before you jump to conclusions, let me explain why I believe this…

There are six times throughout Scripture that the Bible speaks to homosexual behavior, and it always refers to the action. Action of the mind and action of the body.

Because of this we can stand firm on the fact that the Bible is more relevant today than you and I could ever imagine. God knew that the sins of generations who have gone before us would infect the generations that are to come after us, and He knew that one day depravity would be so great that men and women would be inclined to unnatural sexual orientations. But God will not hold us accountable to something we cannot help! We cannot help the sins of generations in the past, and we cannot help the fact that those sins accumulated into such depravity of man. But God will hold us accountable to what we do about it. He willhold us accountable for our acting on such sins, our response to these sins.

The freedom that is available to me today, will be available to me tomorrow and the next day and the next day, up until the day that I stand before the Holy God! John Calvin said that if you and I don’t understand our liberty, we don’t understand the Gospel! Thats how important freedom in Christ is. And if we live out our freedom the way we should be and are supposed to be, then there should be an environment where someone can stand up and say “I struggle with this sin, I struggle with homosexual inclinations, and I need somebody to hold me accountable”.

It’s not our job to stand and shout “They chose their lifestyle! They chose to be homosexual!” We as Christians love to talk about how God reigned down fire on the people of Sodom & Gomorrah. But its not our job to be God, its our job to be Abraham, who served the homosexual community by trying to preserve their life just one more day. We stand strongly against such lifestyle on one hand, but on the other hand we serve you with love. We don’t want to reign down fire on you, we want to offer you love. The agape love of Christ.

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