Fads are funny things…

The newest fad for college students and young adults is to support the freedom of slavery and disease in Africa. With Invisible Children, Product Red, World Vision, and the One campaign, there are many ways to get involved, whether through giving a donation to build a well, sponsoring a child, buying clothes at Gap, or spending a night displaced on a city street, everyone can be involved. This is definitely a beneficial fad. Unlike those in the past such as banana clips and stick-on earrings, this has meaning. This changes lives.

No matter if college students are supporting the children and citizens of Africa because everyone else is, or because they truly care, our fad is saving lives.

I must be honest and say that I am one who likes to defy any new fad. It took me a while to get past the tank top over the shirt look. That drove me crazy for the first 6 months it was “in”. I still havent gotten to the point where I can wear it, but I AM wearing spaghetti strap dresses over shirts. So I am getting there.

Christmas 2005, my parents gave me the best present I have ever received. His name is Stiven Daniel Matos Santana and he is the cutest little boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I get to sponsor him. He is living in a community affected by AIDS, and my small monthly donation is giving him the ability to learn, clothes on his back, food, and the chance to live. This is something I consider a great priviledge.

All of these things, all of these campaigns, I am in great support of. But I think there is something missing. We care so much about the children of Africa, who need our help, but we forget about the children of America. There are thousands of children in America who are homeless, poor, hungry, suffering incurable diseases, and in need. We cannot ignore the children in our own backyards. America may not be a third world country, but it does have third world citizens who need our help. So I am asking you to start a new fad. Not to replace the existing fad, but in addition to this great fad, lets start caring for the needy children of America.

Lets start giving donations to St. Jude’s and the Ronald McDonald house and the Make A Wish Foundation. Lets adopt children from America as well as children from foreign countries. Lets go visit children in the hospital and lets love on the kids in the public schools. But lets not forget about the precious children of Africa either. It may take a few more moments out of your day or a few more dollars out of your paycheck, but in the end these are moments and dollars well spent. So lets work together to make the world a better place, and lets start with our own communities.

One thought on “Fads are funny things…

  1. A very compelling post! I loved most what you said about going to visit kids in the hospital and loving on kids in public schools. Sometimes it is easy to give to a charity… to someone we don’t really have to see. It takes more of us, I think, to actual hold in our arms someone who may very well not eat today. What a challenge! I pray that we rise to it.

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