Reaching Out

The Lord has placed a burden on my heart for college students. If the statistics are true that a large percentage of students in college drop out of church and fall away from their Christian upbringing, and that pretty much once people get passed the age of 18, it is difficult for them to understand why they need a Savior, and the actual simplicity of salvation on our part, then why isn’t a large majority of our focus on college students??

I have been doing some research and trying to work through some ideas/thoughts and how to reach young adults. I know how a lot of them feel. When I was in college, I visited what seemed like every church in the Gulf Coast region. Not one of them had a heart for college students. And there are at least FIVE colleges in Mobile! That saddened me, and basically turned me off to church. I would go to a church here or there, but never could get committed. And before then had grown up in church. I was one of those “every time the doors are open” kids. In Mobile, I visited a church and upon meeting the youth minister, mentioned my heart for youth and wanting to serve in the youth ministry, and I waited, and waited, and for six months they never used me. So finally I just left.

It wasn’t until my very last semester of college that I found a church. We met in a storage building, and had no college ministry, but those of us in college that went, went to serve. We taught small groups for the high school or played in the youth band. We spent time with those kids, and with each other, and were blessed on both ends, even though there wasn’t a college ministry. But a church that has the ability to minister to the college students in their town needs to do just that. We cannot forget them. Because this time in their life, is crucial. Check out this article on de-storifying the Word of God. And look around that website. Its a great resource for those wanting to reach our generation. Also look at this study about the lack of Christianity in twentysomethings.

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