An Upside Down Life

I’m not going to lie, for a while, I didn’t think too severely on the subject of abortion. I, of course, knew that it was a horrible thing, to murder a human being, without giving them the ability to defend themselves. Who are we to do that to a child? It is inhumane to say the least. Over the years I have received forwards about how if Beethoven’s mom had aborted him, we would have never been blessed by such beautiful music, and if Abraham Lincoln’s mom had disposed of him we may still be dealing with the issue of slavery, but I had not truly thought about it. I had only been told what to think about it.

Well lately I have been thinking about it. I don’t know what exactly brought it about, maybe it was actually being able to see the rapid rate of children who are dying every single day on this Website, I don’t know, but I have been. And I have come to a strong conclusion.

Let me start by saying that I am all about going Green. I believe that this world is a precious gift from God, who could have made everything black and white (i.e. “The Giver”), but chose to give us color, music, and love. For this alone we should be so grateful. And I understand that we should treat His green earth as precious gifts. That the use of hairspray and the driving of vehicles causes the atmosphere to slowly deteriorate. And I am guilty of using both. But I also know that we cannot all use one ply of toilet paper per “sit”. And that as much as I wish we could, the least we could do is cut down on things that are harmful to the atmosphere. But here is where something has gone wrong.

As I have stated in a previous blog, fads intrigue me. This new fad to make the world a better place, is a great one. It is a little too political for me, but I understand, and agree with, the concept. But how is it that we have this great idea to save the earth of all that harms it, when we are denying millions of children their right to birth? How can we chose saving polar bears and penguins over saving the life of a soulful human being?? Why is it more popular to save a sea lion than it is a child?

There is something wrong here. And we as a nation, and as a world, need to get our priorities in order. What have you been more concerned with as we follow this new fad of Going Green? Until recently, I found myself more concerned with the polar bear, who would more than likely kill me if I ever came in contact with it, than the child, who was never allowed to live in the first place. And, until now, I didn’t realize just how much this has broken the heart of God.

3 thoughts on “An Upside Down Life

  1. I completely agree… and this is a great connection that you have made.People, especially Believers, should see the necessity of protecting both Human Life & Natural Life since they are all connected through the Creator!*Cue Elton John… “from the day we arrived on the planet…”

  2. I think you are right-on. We should feel a call to action.My question is what? I know I can reduce, reuse and recycle, but what can I do about abortion? Most acts of anti-abortion I know are not appealing (and perhaps even more problematic).

  3. Exactly Caseyp. It’s the circle of life. :)And in the den, I completely understand. I do not want to stand outside of an abortion clinic protesting. I do not believe that that will help. But I have heard of people hanging around and not picketing, but praying with the women once they have already had the abortion, because they are so emotional and heartbroken. That is one option. I am going to discuss this with Mandy, she runs the Alpha Crisis Pregnancy Center. Maybe she will have some ideas.

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