The Eyes of Christ

The Lord has been testing me this week…and I’m not quite sure how I’ve done. I wish I could say that with every unplanned disaster came ease and flexibility, and that every annoyance was disregarded. But, unfortunately, it was not. Here is what I think my problem is…I need the eyes of Jesus. Jesus never saw a prostitute. He never saw a tax collector, a leper, or a lowly fisherman, he saw a child of God. That was all that mattered. He dined with them, spent time with them, and most importantly, loved them whole-heartedly.

Most of the time my problem in the past has been that I have not surrounded myself with such great sinners as Christ did. I have been too worried about what others might think. But the Lord has been placing people in my life of late, and it is my job to be Jesus to them, and I find myself shy. I am disappointed in myself. I needed a wake up call, and I think, tonight, I realized what the Lord has been trying to show me all along.

He has recently put those in my life who are very hard to love. And I mean very. I pray that the anger and frustration I feel will turn to love. Because He captured my life so that I may be Him to others, so that I may love others as He loves me. And I fear that I am not living up to what He has called me to do. May I take on the eyes of Christ, and love.

As my friend Nathan says, “If I trip up or fall in my quest to follow Christ, may it be over His heels because I am following so closely”.

One thought on “The Eyes of Christ

  1. I too felt like God was looking over my shoulder Sunday night, to see if I was taking good notes! I’ve had many “Bobs” in my life, and still do – those people who just rub me the wrong way, or are draining to be around. Yes, I’m guilty of planning ways to maneuver around them at a moments notice. At times I’m certain my rudeness even shows through in my tone or on my face.Later I sense my stern but loving Father say “what makes you so much better than them?” – I am so “strong in the flesh” and so “weak in the Spirit” that I don’t realize that how I treat others (especially those people my selfish heart may consider the “least of these”), God sees it as how I am treating Him!Thanks for the reminder – I need it often.Just call me Bob.

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