A Musical Within A Comedy

This weekend I went to Orlando to see The Drowsy Chaperone. My family and I saw it in New York last May and fell in love with it. And of course, any chance I get to see a show, I take it.

I have to admit, I love theatre. I love the atmosphere, the stories, the music, I love being a part of a production. I just love going to shows, and I think it takes a love of the theatre to truly appreciate The Drowsy Chaperone. I cannot explain to you how amazing the show is. I cannot tell you the story and describe to you the various and sundry quandaries that each character encounters. I cannot play for you the soundtrack. None of this will cause you to understand the brilliance of it all. You can watch the promo video on YouTube or Broadway.com, but the only true understanding you will get of this hilarious, well-written musical, is to see it for yourself.

So here is a little background to get you two acquainted…

“The Drowsy Chaperone bodly addresses a great unspoken desire in all of our hearts to be entertained. If you’ve ever sat in a darkened theatre and thought ‘Dear Lord in heaven, please let it be good’ then this show is for you. It all begins when a die-hard musical fan plays his favorite cast album on his turntable, and the musical literally bursts into life in his living room, telling the rambunctious tale of a Broadway starlet trying to find, and keep, her true love.”

I was suprised to see Jonathan Crombie playing “Man in Chair”, best known as Gilbert in the Anne of Green Gables films. In New York I saw John Glover, Lionel Luther on Smallville in the role, and I absolutely loved his performance. Crombie played the role differently, but wonderfully all the same.

Now, I think its time you saw a good musical. Any why not make it about a starlet, her dim-witted fiance, a European womanizer, two gangsters undercover as pastry chefs, and a drunk chaperone?

2 thoughts on “A Musical Within A Comedy

  1. I want to see it!!!P.S. if you get a chance… you should definitely see “Noises Off” @ Theatre Albany. It’s going on right now & is HILARIOUS… you would really like it… I’ll go again if you’re interested!

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