A Healthy Life of Predestination

I open up Safari tonight and the first thing I see on my AOL homepage is an article about how sleeping a certain way can cause us to look older. If its not our sleep patterns its the chocolate we eat, the cell phones we use, the color we dye our hair, the food we microwave, and our water bottles that, if used more than once, apparently deteriorate into cancer cells.
If we actually lived our lives to the point where every single thing in our world and environment that causes us any sort of illness we refrained from, we would be so paranoid that we wouldn’t even be able to live our lives! We would constantly be having to ask about an ingredient at a restaurant or telling our long distance loved ones, “I’m sorry I cannot talk to you ever again, I don’t want cancer.”
Yes, we should do the simple things to keep us healthy: eat right, go to a doctor regularly, excersize, refrain from smoking, but if you ask me, getting caught up in the thousands of causes of cancer that seem to be added to daily, is pointless. I’m not going to stop using sweetener in my coffee. If you’ve had the pitiful excuse for coffee that we have where I work, you wouldn’t either. I’m not going to stop dying my hair or talking on my cell phone. I don’t want to waste my time being so cautious in life that I don’t ever get to enjoy it.

On a somewhat similar note…
I knew someone in college who wouldn’t spend $15 on something until she had prayed about it first. My Mom knows someone who, every morning, gets up, goes to her closet, and asks the Lord what it is He wants her to wear that day. I’m sorry, but God gave us free will for a reason. And I’m almost positive He doesn’t want to be bothered with our nonsense. The Almighty God of the Universe is working on keeping every single person in line, holding the Universe in place, taking care of the hungry, the poor, and the diseased, all the while loving each and every one of us immensely. Yes He has time for our problems. He wants us to come to Him with them. But I am pretty sure we don’t need to waste His time, even if a day to Him is a thousand years to us, with pettiness such as what outfit to wear. Making sure that what we spend our money on and what we wear is God-honoring is very important, but really, how hard of a decision could that be? I’m pretty sure He doesn’t mind if you go see Disney Princesses on Ice or not. Besides, if you believe in predestination (let’s not get started on that discussion), then I was predestined to wear that Old Navy cardigan today. I’m not really sure why, but I do know that it kept me warm.

3 thoughts on “A Healthy Life of Predestination

  1. Crap. I spent $4.75 today on Baby Orajel because my son is teething and in pain… and I didn’t pray about it first! What was I thinking??? Good post! :)

  2. All I can say is LOL and Amen! We just moved to Birmingham and are attending an AWESOME church, but went to small group and the leader basically preached predestination. I guess it’s been on our minds so your post has me cracking up.

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