Just Because…

Everyone remembers those times growing up when you would ask your parents if you could do something and they would respond with the ever-present “NO”. And of course, after a period of trying to convince them and failing, you would ask “Why noooooot?” (In a whiny voice) and they would, of course, say “Because I said so”. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hasn’t heard those infamous words come out of their parents’ mouths. And as I grow older, and possibly one day have children of my own, I know it will come out of my mouth. It has before, and I’m sure it will again.

As a kid, when I wasn’t given a reason for why my parents decided what they did, it frustrated me. I wouldn’t let it go, I would just keep trying to convince them, and try to find the perfect argument against their decision. I was a very strong-willed child. But of course, it never worked.

Just as it was hard to deal with that in my childhood and teenage years, it is even more so now in my adult years. And I am not saying that my parents and I still get into those arguments, what I am referring to is in regards to my spiritual walk with Christ. There have been many times when I would ask God for something, and when I wouldn’t be given an answer, or when the answer was not the answer I wanted to hear, I would ask “Why? Why must I do it this way?” or “Why must I do this?”

The hardest thing for me to understand is that God often does not answer my questions or respond to my whining at all…or at least He doesn’t seem to. God is under no obligation to give me what I ask, and He is never obligated to give me a reason for His answer. He does not have to explain to me why He allows things to happen in my life, or why He doesn’t allow them to. He is a Sovereign God and He may do as He pleases.

I have to learn that, as much as it may be easier to give up on God, He will never give up on me. Even when He tells me “No”, I am to put aside my whining and trying to find an argument against His decision and relax in the fact that I am to be holy as He is holy. He doesn’t tell me to be holy because it will help me in the long run, or because it will make people like me better, or because I will receive showers upon showers of blessings for it, He tells me “Be holy for I am holy” … “BECAUSE I SAID SO”.

And that should be reason enough for us to do so. In fact, when we receive that answer, we should be overjoyed at the opportunity of being molded by the Creator of the Universe.

I was reading a study for my discipleship group the other day and found this quote “There is a release in knowing you have salvation, a Companion who never forsakes you, a Shepherd who protects you, an all-knowing God who has your whole future planned and a Vinedresser who prunes you and shapes in you the qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, and other Christlike attributes.”

So when God calls us to holiness, it should be a privilege, not a chore. We will never fully understand His mysterious nature, but we must know that as mysterious as he is, He is even more so, infinitely, trustworthy. I am learning to accept the “Just Because” side of God. And with that acceptance, brings great freedom.

Besides, even though He doesn’t have to, He chooses to love us … “Just Because”.

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