Affairs, Bubbles, and Training Up Children, All In One.

I could not believe what I saw as I opened up Safari to check my email today. The top story: “Is It Worth It? 15 Questions to Ask Before Having An Affair”. Why should this even be a question? When did it become socially acceptable to completely disregard a relationship, especially a marriage, in order to seek selfish, physical fulfillment? I know it happens, yes, but actually seeing people basically being given permission to cheat on their spouse, if their questions are answered in their favor, causes me to really think about our society, and how insane it is becoming. We live in a world full of sin, depression, deception, and distractions. It can be hard to keep a Christian mindset in this world, when all you hear are news stories about numerous murders, and almost every television show includes a couple involved in premarital sex, it would be easy to try to form a little Christian bubble and not let anyone in or out, so that our loved ones would grow up to be and continue to be safe and godly people. Its hard to keep that balance between what is God-honoring, and what is socially acceptable. And by that I mean, not becoming one of the weird Christians that the world looks upon as awkward and outcast, and never listens to the Message we have to share.

One thing I have seen a problem with in regards to keeping ourselves in a bubble, is home-schooling. Parents seem to believe that if they keep their kids at home to be home-schooled throughout their first very moldable 18 years of life, they will keep them safe and sheltered. Their kids will never know of hatred or murder or gossip. They will never know how it feels to overhear another kid talking bad about them, they will stay in their mother’s arms for all of their life, and there they shall remain. But hear me out pro-homeschooling parents: Every child I have known who has been home-schooled their entire lives, has become that awkward Christian. That person that no one wants to listen to. And even though that child may have a great Message to share with me (even though I already know it), I am not going to listen to it. There are social norms that are missing, and it is a hindrance. And by simply looking at it from a non-Christian’s point of view, if being a Christian means that I have to become that socially awkward person, I wouldn’t want to be one.

We cannot allow ourselves to have an “us four and no more” mindset. That is the last thing our God would want. We have to take the Message to the people, set our differences aside, and love them as Christ loved us even before He saved us. We were living lives of sin, and in His eyes all sin is equal. He saved us out of that sin, and He wants to use us to show others that Love and that Grace. And sending your child to a public school may be a great way to send them out there to share the love of Christ. Maybe even a private school, it doesn’t matter. Just train them up in the way they should go, send them out to share it with the world, and they will not depart from it.

(Here is my disclaimer: I’m not a parent, these are simply thoughts that came to me. So don’t freak out on me. My mind may change completely the moment my first baby pops out, but I highly doubt it)

PS After I had just written this blog, I came across this one. Its my old college minister, he and some of my friends from school are in Europe for a month on a mission/backpacking trip. Check out his blog as well. Very interesting.

2 thoughts on “Affairs, Bubbles, and Training Up Children, All In One.

  1. Hay,You know I love you but I have to disagree, in part, with your ideas on homeschooling. We are going to homeschool as well as show our children the sins of the world. We will not lead our children into a sheltered life where all they know are lollipops. We will teach them about sin: what it is, what God thinks and does about it, and how we should live in a sinful world. I will take my children to various places to see the results of sin, but I will not drop them off for 8 hours in hopes that their weak and immature minds will avoid the devil’s cunning ways. I believe that it is my responsibility, as parent, to be with them and help them to make right decisions. You know my background was full of sin, and I will not thrust my children into that world.An aside, I think the school system has education all wrong. Children aren’t encouraged to have a love of learning, so they take it as a chore (except for the few who naturally love to learn). I will teach my children to love learning and to explore so that when they find interest in things, they will automatically desire to know more. If they don’t need to know calculus for what they decide to do with their lives, I won’t teach it. I never took calculus and I don’t need to know it.Okay, that’s my spill. I completely understand and agree that some homeschooled people are weird. But please realize that it’s not the homeschooling that did that, but rather the parenting.I love you and hope you’re doing well!!

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