Discussing Conversational Opinions

I find good conversation fascinating, productive, and comforting. I love sitting with others, discussing every topic under the sun from what happened last on The Hills to an abusive mother or an overprotective husband. For the past few days, I seem to have found myself involved in such discussions more often than usual, and I am really enjoying it.

I love a good conversation. It is therapeutic for me. I find out so much about myself through each discussion. Once I voice my sometimes non-researched opinion and see other sides of the story, I find my exact thought on a subject, and feel a little more accomplished than I did before the discussion.

And there will always be those certain people in my life who I know will be willing to just sit and listen, or even better, sit and discuss. In college it was Trey, he was always one for coffee and discussion. We could sit and talk for hours about anything and everything. I’ve missed his conversations. Tonight I spent some time with four of my closest girl friends from high school, and we talked for almost four hours…never once skipping a beat. It was great to catch up and share opinions, and see where everyone was in life. We are all in such different areas of life: one married with a baby, one married with a fireman husband (who is therefore gone a lot), one a recent graduate seeking a profession, and one heading up the art department for a local publication…so we all have different views on subjects, and its great to get each person’s input.

I long for good conversation. And I long to see where God is going to take me next. I am not where I thought I would be in life, but I know that one of these days, in a good conversation with Him, He will show me His will. And I am still waiting……..but in the meantime, let’s talk.

One thought on “Discussing Conversational Opinions

  1. After spending all day with a baby, there are times that I CRAVE adult conversation… and Monday night was just what I needed. I loved listening to everyone, and doing a fair amount of talking as well. :)

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