Pastors’ Conference

As I sit and reflect on all that happened over the past six days, I remember frustration, pain, and annoyances. But more importantly, greater than any of that, I remember God. He worked in a mighty way this week. We had a time of invitation at the end of every session, and I saw His hand in every aspect of the week. Of course there are times when stress takes over, when my hand is so cramped from taking close to 4,000 photos in a matter of days that I can barely lift it, when flexibility has to become the primary word in my vocabulary…but that is to be expected when 75 volunteers are hosting 5,000 pastors and their wives. All of that I can look past (which is a big deal for me, I tend to focus on the negative). I am able to blur out the few negatives and focus on Him. And I am glad that I got to be a part of it.

One speaker (there were 14 within a 28 hour time frame, pardon me if I get them mixed up), quoted another theologian by saying that we should seek God’s face rather than His hand. This hit home for me. Seeking God’s hand means seeking what it is that He can do for me, how He can bless me. Seeking His face means seeking Him, knowing Him, fearing Him, loving Him, no matter what His hand brings.

So I am just going to look thru my notes (that I somehow balanced on one leg and my camera on the other) and share with you some highlights from an amazing weekend. Please enjoy, and I suggest watching the sessions here. They are available for a limited time only.

-Daniel Simmons of Mt Zion in Albany, Georgia, when discussing revival, said “God has not changed, and therefore if there is no revival, we can’t point a finger at God, because the problem is not with Him, He has not changed, the problem has to be with us”.
-Tom Elliff, when discussing brokenness: “There is a choice to be faced. His will is to be followed promptly. We don’t go to God on our schedule. Every day we wait means one more day to be repented of and one less day to repent in. And every day you will get more callous and become less effective. We are to seek the Lord UNTIL HE COMES. The command is to be followed persistently.”

-I could type out everything that Pastor Ed Litton shared. Last August his wife was killed in a car wreck. Read his blog, especially these, the Lord has shown him so much through this trauma. His message was heart-wrenching. Here are some highlights::
–>Our place of brokenness is God’s platform to show the treasure He has put inside of us.
–>Brokenness is the recognition of our shattered pride without a desire to glue it back together.
–>With God, brokenness is the fix.
–>Your suffering is an opportunity to worship. I don’t have the right to praise Him when everything is going right, and not praise Him when the storm comes.
–>God reveals Himself in the present. We do not see Him in the future, but we have to know that He is there. And when we get there, when we get to that place of fear, He will be there.
–>What is it about you that you can point to and say “Its just God”?
–>Only the Incredible within us is credible.

-Ezra, Daniel, and Nehemiah were all ashamed by the situation in Israel, and none of them had any part in the nation’s sin. The nation had abandoned God, and each of them cried out to God and identified themselves with the sins of their nation, and so should we, whether we are a part of it or not. God is unlikely to hear our cries if we are blaming others. – Jimmy Draper
-James MacDonald: “Don’t just talk about sin in the newspaper or sin on tv, what about sin in the mirror?”
-Jesus didn’t spend all of His time singing songs or in the synagogue, His ministry was out in the streets with the sinners! – Charles Lowery
-If you want to know what the three most important things in life are, look at what shows up at every person’s funeral: Faith, Family, and Friends. – Charles Lowery
-Kerry Shook: “We cannot waste our lives building sandcastles that will be washed away. We must leave a legacy to change the world”.

This is just a summary of what many of the speakers shared. God’s hand was in every minute of every session, and I pray that those who heard it will take it home with them and apply it to their churches and homes.

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