No More Bible Study?

This past week I heard a message that intrigued me. I found it to be very true of myself when I was told that I didn’t need another Bible Study. Recently I have had many conversations about some changes that need to be made, and I thought that one way of helping would be a bible study. Little did I know God was going to correct me. See, the reason bible study isn’t the answer, is because I have been in bible study for 23 years, and I have a good amount of knowledge about the Christian walk and how to live a godly life. But that isn’t the problem, the problem is, I have all this knowledge and I’m not living up to it. I already know more than I am living, so what I should be doing, is living up to what I already know is right, rather than adding more knowledge and therefore taking less action. Not to say that I am not a supporter of bible studies, I definitely am. But what we are learning in bible studies should be applied in every day life, not just at church on Sundays and Wednesdays. And we are to take what we know, and out of the overflow, teach others.

Take Paul for example, he was an effective minister out of the overflow of his life. He didn’t just sit in church day after day soaking up the Word. He went out and taught others what he knew. His influence even affects us today, 2000 years later.

Paul’s name means “Little One”. He was a man who didn’t have television, radio, powerpoints, satellites, internet, printing, or airplanes to spread the Message he was telling, yet two-thirds of the Mediterranean world was touched because of this little one’s life (most of which was spent in prison). It is amazing to me that God uses the little ones who are willing to get out of their bible studies, and take the Bible to the street.

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