A Loss of Focus on Dateability

For some reason lately I’ve been losing focus. I’ve been getting caught up in the unimportant things of life and distracted from what I should be focusing on. I hate when this happens to me. I’ve become extremely indecisive and fairly hard on myself. I’ve been having pity parties and living in what could, to some, qualify as unjustified hope. How do I stop it? How do I regain focus? I know I am getting distracted, but no matter what I do, I keep going back to that hope. It’s frustrating.

On another (and kind of similar) note, I bought a new book this weekend. I’ve only read the first chapter, but there has been some good advice in it. It’s the prequel to Marriable, which I recently blogged about, entitled Dateable. Now this book is more geared towards high school students, but I am looking at it as a possibility for a bible study, and actually getting some good advice from it, whether it be for myself or my girls. For instance, read the first sentence:
“Whatever relationship you are in right now, whether you are 14, 15, 16, or even 18 years old, know this: It will not last! Period. The end. I know, you are sixteen and sooo into this guy or girl – but understand that this relationship will not last. You will break up. It will hurt. It will get in the way of your purpose in life, and it will complicated things and distract you from your passion and destiny.”
The book goes on to say that treating the high school relationship as something that is temporary will cause a lot less pain in the end. Its pretty good advice for teenagers.

Another good point it brings up is the fact that how much you put into a relationship will determine how much it hurts when it ends. “If you invest everything you have -emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually – in a relationship, you wind up totally destroyed when it ends. You dump your entire existence into a crush, and when it tears you apart you cry out to God “Why did you let this happen?” Listen, don’t go blaming God for what you’ve done. All that pain is the result of you pouring too much of yourself into a relationship that was not going to last in the first place.”

So basically, so far the book has focused on one sentence: “Don’t make the mistake of being in love with being in love”.
I think that some of the stuff included will be great for discipleship, and I’ll try to finish my thoughts once I’m actually past chapter 1 :)

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