Just another Friday in LA…

Here is another little adventure from my weekend in Los Angeles. I figure it may be more fun this way, sharing a small piece at a time.

On Friday our group visited the Sony Offices for a tour and a meeting with one of the many VPs. We started out the tour with the usual talk: movie trivia, this building was featured in.., we’ve won this many oscars, what is the technical term for.., etc. Until the tour guide realized that we knew all of the answers. Then he caught onto the fact that we were a group of semi-professional filmmakers. Especially since Alex was there, and he knows what he is doing. :) So then he decided to give us a different kind of tour. The best word to describe it: sneaky.

We walked through the Sony lot sneaking into studios with sets that were built for Adam Sandler’s new film, Funny People, all throughout the set of the house from the television show ‘Til Death starring Brad Garrett, and sat in the audience of the Wheel of Fortune soundstage. But the most exciting part of it all, was the biggest secret of them all. In Soundstage 14, according to John (our guide)’s “Call Sheet” for the day, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard were filming a scene from Angels and Demons. So as the rest of the group climbed three flights of stairs to see an artist retouching a backdrop, my dad and I stayed behind and stood outside, hoping for a chance to catch a glimpse of one of them. Sadly, this did not happen. (I know, you would think based on my past two posts that I hated my trip to LA…I never REALLY got to see/meet anyone. Besides Jimmy Kimmel of course). However, I was able to see Tom’s trailer! To say that we were no more than five feet away from them is the God’s-honest truth. There was just a wall in between us! So that was a pretty exciting part of my trip. I came so close. But I did get to see part of the set from the film. I also saw JJ Abrams‘ car, and Adam Sandler’s offices.

So, here are a few photos of the day:

My love::

Jimmy Kimmel!

On “Main Street” – offices covered by facades for filming

They were preparing for a party for that night

So there’s my day at the Sony studios. It was really exciting, actually!

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