Pet Peeves

Recently, as Marie, William, Jason and I were standing outside of a local food establishment after lunch, we shared a few of our pet peeves with one another. So I decided it would make an interesting blog topic. Here are just a few of mine:

Being interrupted. I don’t usually mind being interrupted in every day conversations, but if I am in a serious discussion and trying to voice my opinion, or telling a story, I really don’t like it. It happens a lot in my house (for those of you who know my sister, you know why) :). And over the years, instead of getting used to it, I think it’s started to drive me a little bit crazy.

Having to repeat myself. Especially when I’m tired. I hate having to repeat what I just said. I usually just give up and quit talking.

When someone tries to add in their opinion to a discussion, and it has no relevance whatsoever. It happens more than you think. We will be in a fairly deep discussion and someone will try to add in their 2 cents, yet if you look at the complete picture, they just wanted to talk, and they didn’t really say anything of any importance.

Getting my hands dirty. I hate cleaning dishes without being able to use a sponge or rag. I hate having anything on my hands. I freak out a little bit.

I hate it when my desk is cluttered. I can live with a little bit of clutter at home, when my life is too busy to clean it, but I have to clean up my desk before I leave for the day so that it is tidy when I get here in the mornings.

-Another one, in regards to my desk, is when someone (aka Tracy) moves an object on my desk from its proper position. It is usually just half of an inch, or at an angle, but it drives me crazy. One time he even dared to turn all of my framed photos upside-down. And of course, my retaliation was to post-it his office. You can still see the effects today.

Certain grammatical errors.
“Seen” instead of “saw” (example: I seen her at the grocery store yesterday).
“Good” instead of “well” (example: He did really good on that project).

-And last but not least: People being nosy. And here is where the problem resides: I think I’m kind of a nosy person in general, but I hate it when people ask me about something that is none of their business. I will tell you if you need to know.

So that is all I could come up with for now…What are some of yours??

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. I agree with number three. Though I do add in my random opinion just for the heck of it when I want to annoy Daniel. That is just plain fun. :)Some of mine would be: – Constant talking during movies at the theater. (dont mind so much with a rental.)- Random people in grocery stores touching my child. *shudder*- PEOPLE WHO DON’T USE A BLINKER. (yeah… thats a big one)That’s all I have got for now. :)

  2. I agree with all of amy lynns for sure.i too have a peeve about interrupting. Although it is more along the lines of when the two of us would be having a conversation and someone else either a) comes and hovers waiting for our conversation to be over or b) just butts in and joins our conversation or c) butts in and starts talking to you while i am still there.all other peoples driving is a BIG one for me. lets just say most of the time I am glad i am in the car ALONE!

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