Gatlinburg = Perfection.

I am with some of my closest friends, in a cozy house in the mountains, sitting by the fire, snuggled in a blanket, listening to Norah Jones, and watching the snow fall. Perfection.

We got to Gatlinburg LATE Thursday night after a long night of driving, checked out the house, and headed to bed! Friday we slept in and were lazy then got up and went into Pigeon Forge for a day of outlet mall shopping. After a full hour or so of grocery shopping, and over $200 worth of food later, we went back to the house to cook dinner and hang out. These have been my favorite times of this trip, just being lazy and hanging out together. We played pool (I won THREE TIMES in a row…okay so maybe two of them were by default), I cut Jason’s hair, the guys got in the hot tub, and the girls had a major dance party upstairs. We taught Frances the soulja boi dance and had a LOT of fun! The boys came in after a while (they wanted us to feel their frozen hair:) and joined us for some good ole dancin. Then it was time for Scattergories!

This morning, we got up and headed into Gatlinburg for the day. We, of course, started our day off with Pancake Pantry. Only the best. And prepared for the long day of shopping, walking, and dodging youth groups. We spent a good hour at least in Ken Jenkins’ gallery, and Casey and Jason both bought photos (two of my favorites of Ken’s, actually). Then Frances and Mark and I ordered some airbrushed products (Frani and I longsleeved t-shirts and Mark a beanie) and headed back to the house. Tonight was the guys’ turn to cook, and it was so good! I could get used to this :)

We spent the evening snuggling together by the fire, and it started to snow! Then we watched Fracture and now everyone is off to bed!

Tomorrow we are going to just chill out and cook lunch, and then we’re headed to First Sevierville tomorrow night to hear Charles Lowery speak. I will be sad to leave and get back to my normal routine, but alas, I must.

I will try to post some pictures one day! Can you believe I haven’t taken ONE?? I only brought my small camera, and I am leaving the picture taking to Frances this time around. What a relief!

Oh and for those of you on the trip, I’d like to say “Thank Yoouuuuuu” :)

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