He is Enough.

הוא מספיק

I am seriously looking into getting a tattoo. This isn’t a random decision, I have wanted one for about two years, and I have always heard to wait about a year to think about it. But I could never think of something that I really want, and it recently came to me. It will say “He is enough” on my left wrist in Hebrew. It is something I need to be reminded of daily. And it is something that is important to me. I have questioned my motive behind the tattoo. It is not to get attention or to show off, it is not to rebel, it is not to be cool…it is simply because I need a daily reminder that Christ is enough for me. That I do not need to look anywhere else for satisfaction. It is for me.

So I am about 89% sure that I will get it, and pretty soon. In the meantime, I will write my ghetto version of it on my wrist for the next few days to make sure I like the placement and the idea.
Your thoughts? Suggestions?

3 thoughts on “He is Enough.

  1. I love it. And I think writing it on your wrist is a very good idea. I have been wanting one for 3 or so years now. Just haven’t figured out what. Or where.

  2. make sure the hebrew is correct before you go. double and triple check. our friend got ‘set apart’ in hebrew on his arm and found out later that the difference between ‘set apart’ and ‘male prostitute’ is a little slash…ha! don’t worry, his is correct.

  3. i love the idea too! what a wonderful reminder. i recently saw a wrist tattoo in white, or a light colored, ink. you can see it, but it doesn’t stand out like black would. i loved it.

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