In light of my birthday (coming up at the end of the month), I’m listing twenty four…somethings about me.

1. I wish that my life was more dramatic.
2. I love clementines.
3. I’m afraid of being alone, while at the same time, I don’t allow people in. And I’m working on that.
4. I want to take more risks, but I can easily find myself getting too comfortable where I am. I’m working on that, too.
5. If I like something, I stick with it. If I find a mascara or deodorant that I love, that is the only kind that I will buy because it works. Same goes for travel, I always want to go somewhere I know that I will enjoy. I blame my father for this.
6. I need a new toothbrush but due to my lack of funds, I am dealing with what I’ve got. It’s not an old old toothbrush, it’s just the cheap kind.
7. I admit it. I like some reality TV. The Hills and America’s Next Top Model specifically. I know, its trash. :)
8. I have a tendency to not live up to the standard that I hold for others.
9. I really don’t enjoy when people spell “your” when it should be “you’re”.
10. I hit the snooze button three to five times every morning. That is why I set my alarm for 6 am when I don’t need to be up until 7.
11. A perfect vacation is with my closest friends. Whether it is overseas, or somewhere familiar, I want someone I love there to experience it with me.
12. My childhood dream was to be a teacher so that I could have the summers off. I still wish I had the summers off, but I’m glad I’m not a teacher.
13. I wish that I could communicate more effectively.
14. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, and I try not to question why. What is important is that He does. Unconditionally.
15. I chased down and kissed a boy when I was 5 years old on the playground. And I slapped a boy for trying to kiss me when I was 9. What a difference a few years makes!
16. I could never survive without music, it is one of the most beautiful expressions of life.
17. I need someone who believes in me and can push me to excel.
18. I rarely dream. Maybe once every few months, actually. The most recent dream I had was while I was in Israel, George W. Bush was texting me while he and Laura were hanging out at the beach, and he didn’t know what to do with himself now that he isn’t the President.
19. I greatly value my friendships.
20. I believe happiness is contagious.
21. I hate when people talk during movies I have never seen.
22. I am learning how important hope is. And I believe that it is contagious.
23. I could spend all of my money at Walgreens. I always buy a plethora of things that I really don’t need when I go. I’m not sure why, I think it may be the lighting.
24. My life is flying by, and I feel like it hasn’t even really started yet. Colin Hay put it best: “I’m waiting for my real life to begin”.

2 thoughts on “20-Something

  1. 5. Me too! I have had the same brand of eye liner for years. 9. I think I do that. I may need to correct that so you will keep being my friend. :)12. That was definitely a perk of teaching. The ironic thing is, when I was a teacher I worked the summer care. *sigh*18. BAHAHA

  2. 1. I can help you with this one, ha.4. I could also help with this…9. Amen, except mine is when people say to for also when it is actually too16. Amen21. Except that time at Erin’s when we all talked during The Dark Knight but i guess since we had seen it already it was ok to tear it apart and talk about Maggie Guildhall looking like a basset hound, haha

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