Georgia, really?

My friends and I have decided to make Georgia a greater priority. Since the economy is so bad, and we are not able to spend much money, we have decided to turn our attention towards the historical and natural wonders that our state has to offer. We have begun to compile a list of places we would like to visit (i.e. The Little Grand Canyon, Andersonville, the Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, etc). As I was doing some research on a supposed train that travels through Macon, I found an interesting website. It is called “GenDisasters“, and it includes disastrous news stories from the past. I found out that Albany was hit by a tornado in 1940 and nearly 100 people were injured. See pictures below…

All of that to say, I think we should all begin to support OUR economy. If we are going be spending money on entertainment, visit somewhere that is entertaining, while at the same time can teach you something. We are really looking forward to going to the Coca-Cola Space and Science Center in Columbus. Who knows…maybe one day soon I will be going back to school to get my…astronaut degree? ;)

One thought on “Georgia, really?

  1. Cool. I love historic stuff like that. Radium Springs makes me go banana sandwich everytime I go because it’s just so FLIPPING COOL. Palpable history…you can feel it there. Just like in these old pics you found.I want to go to the Little Grand Canyon too. I was pissed when I found out such a cool place was so close by and NO ONE HAD TOLD ME. LOL :) Have fun exploring Georgia. :)

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