A Blog for Dad.

Yes, my Father’s Day blog is a bit belated. But who said that we ONLY had to celebrate on that one particular day?? :)

Well, I have an amazing father. If you have ever spent more than three minutes with him, you know that he is a prophet. He tells it like it is. I get that from him. He is a creature of habit. I get that from him as well. He is an accomplished author, executive producer of all things Sherwood Pictures, and the pastor of one of the greatest churches in our country. And I’m not just being biased. I didn’t even come up with that phrase myself :). He loves my mother so much, and has allowed her to stand beside him through every step of life, seeking her advice before making decisions. He was voted Funniest Freshman in college, and I love him for his humor. He has always known how to communicate effectively with my sister and I. He is encouraging and loving, regardless. He and my mother both taught Erin and I how to be independent. Their example has allowed me to stand up for what I believe in, no matter what the opposition. He has shown me the importance of looking to giants who have gone ahead of me as an example in my walk with Christ. He has given me a love for music, solid preaching of the Word, and travel. He has also passed on to me his uncontrollable tear ducts that he has developed since he hit 50. :)

Just as we are proud of our father, he is also doubly proud of Erin and I. And for that we are so grateful. Read this article interviewing him on parenting, or check out this blog post of his. He has had to learn how to be a parent to adult women. He has made that transition well. My parents have never seemed to be suppressive in any circumstance. The last time I remember being upset with my parents for not allowing me to do something was my freshman year of high school, and that was only because it was Easter. They have always trusted us, and I think that, in turn, caused us to respect them enough not to disobey. I had no curfew in high school (suprising, right?). On Saturday nights, they preferred that I come home earlier than usual, since he had to preach the next morning, but if I called to inform them that I was going to be later, they wouldn’t mind. I could have been out partying and getting into all kinds of trouble, but I wasn’t. They trusted me and respected me and my discernment, and allowed me to be independent. And I honored them because of that. I can honestly say that one of the primary reasons that I never did get into the party scene was because I knew that it could tarnish my father’s name. That says something about how good of a father he is.

But most of all, he reflects my Heavenly father in more ways than I can count. And I’m not just talking omniscient. Although he has shown that characteristic when I least wanted him to. :) He loves others more than himself. His passion is to see this nation turn to God. To see a great revival come to America is his life goal. He has a heart for other pastors who are struggling. He wants to encourage them, and allow them to seek refuge and be refreshed. He is understanding. He is discerning and wise. He gives (and seeks) wise counsel. He is always there for me. He loves me.

As I was at my parents’ house today, I was randomly reminded of a fond memory of my father. He used to go out into the yard when we were little to set up the sprinklers, and I remember watching him from inside the house with my sister, laughing so hard as he tried to run away from them and seek refuge inside the house. To this day, all I can see are his long, lanky legs hopping around the yard trying to pass through the sprinkler without getting wet.

For that, and SO many other things, I love you, Dad. And I thank my God every time I remember you.

2 thoughts on “A Blog for Dad.

  1. This was so sweet. I have always been a fan of your dad. Ever since I started calling your house my "second home". Though, I am still a little bitter at him for scaring the poo out of us while we were watching What Lies Beneath. :) Do you remember that??? LOLI loved looking at the pictures of you and your dad!

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