An Update on Life Interrupted

So I recently posted a blog about our need for understanding God’s command to care for His people who are in need. And I got the neatest email in response to my posting. It came from a man named Milky who lives in the Philippines. Apparently he has been following my blog for quite some time and has been meaning to email me, but when he read that particular post, really felt led to share his thoughts with me. And I am so grateful that he has. So, he has given me permission to share some of his email with you, if you don’t mind.

I have long been planning to write you, well just to thank you for sharing your life through your blog. You may have not realized it, but because of the wonders of technology, you are doing an international witnessing. Wow! Maybe, this was never one of your agenda when you started blogging but then again, now it has served that purpose. Thank you also for sharing other insightful sites like ‘stuff christians like.’ Somehow, through the net I could see that there are people all over the world who share the same struggles and joy of walking with the Lord.

But it was only after I have read your article. “Life Interrupted” that I have been encourage to do the writing now! I realized that not only have I found a blog written by a young Christian woman who walks with God but this person also understands the disparity not just of the rich and poor in general but also in terms of developed and developing countries.

The Philippines, my country, is a third world country that has been colonized by three countries in the past. Though, it has gained its freedom more than a hundred years ago, and is known to be rich in natural resources, it still is a poor country… economic, political system, education, morality, and even our identity as a country… The Christians here are also finding it hard to fight the good fight for our nation. It is hard especially that a lot of issues are intertwined with each other. And if you are not careful, you could easily be segued with other issues. That’s why it is so important that you do not lose sight of God.

That’s why i am proud of you to have written that article and prouder still for that bible study that you handle. It is much easier to study Christ and the bible if we put the study in the context of everyday life. . that’s why i am so proud of you. i mean, really.. for me, that’s real humility especially for posting that statistics. I am just amazed that Christians in a developed countries like yours also see the poverty experienced by developing countries like mine. And that you struggle to do something about it. We pray and seek for our national transformation and you also pray and seek for yours. Hmm, it’s like seeing the hand of God working among all nations to establish the new heaven and earth.Ü

I am blessed to have found your site, i hope you can be my friend because i sure will be honored to meet you in heaven one day.Ü

God bless you and your family and your church always!Ü


This email touched my heart in such a mighty way, and I wanted to share it with my other readers, to show you that there are people who can be influenced, and who long to see us do what we can to help them. Milky is one of millions of people who need to know how much we love them and want to help them improve their way of life in any way possible. That America isn’t just a selfish nation. And that the church, especially, longs to see a change. It was just so great to actually put a name and a situation to this issue, and be in immediate contact with someone on the other end of the spectrum. I am so grateful to have gotten to speak with him, and really look forward to our correspondence.

So, have you decided what you are going to do to start your ripple?

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