Am I Less Wise??

So I’ve been a pretty big blog slacker. Life is crazy as we near my sister’s wedding. So here are a few updates I thought I should share.

Last Wednesday I had my wisdom teeth out. It really wasn’t that bad. I was pretty drugged up. :) I do remember, while I was in surgery, waking up and hearing my dental hygienist say to a nurse, “I’m doing my job, I need you to do yours”. Even on drugs I thought “oohhhh”. :) So I came home (apparently I was alert and talking to my mother on the drive home, but I sure enough don’t remember one single thing) and I slept through Wednesday into Thursday. Then I slept some more. I did enjoy the drugs, I’m not going to lie. :) I finally got up and visited with my family, watched some movies, and continued on my routine of: drugs, gauze, ice, salt water, sleep, drugs for the next few days…. and some times ice cream or jello or something. It was much easier than I thought. I did all I could not to get dry sockets or have any type of problems, so I just took it easy for the rest of the week.

One movie that I watched, that affected me more than a movie has in a long time, was The Soloist. My heart broke as I saw the clear depiction of homelessness in America, and I am praying for God to show me what to do with this passion He has placed in my heart for “the least of these”. It is easy to have a passion for something, but it isn’t always easy to know what to do with it in a hands-on type of way. I am giving monetarily, but I want to love on others, and give of my time. If anyone reading this happens to have any ideas, let me know!

Well, while looking like I had gotten into a fight with my dentist, I did all that I could to make sure to feel well enough to go to church this past Sunday, because I knew that God was going to do something big, and I did not want to miss it. And He definitely did not disappoint. The church leadership announced some really great things about where we are headed, and I could not be more excited. We have paid off our debt after only NINE years in our new building, when we thought it would take 20, therefore allowing us to better focus on those outside the walls of our church. We are helping start churches in Baltimore and San Francisco, we are expanding the Sports Park ministry to the community, and we are really ramping up our focus on missions, now that we have a Missions and Evangelism pastor full-time.

Sunday was a GREAT day for me, and for my church. I am still healing from the wisdom teeth, but had my first bite of “real” food today. It wasn’t easy, but it was satisfactory. And I am headed to Atlanta to see Paul McCartney in concert this weekend!!! So that’s my update. What is going on with everyone else out there??

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