20th Anniversary of Pastor and People

My family and I have lived in our current city and my father has served at our current church now for 20 years. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up, and a better church who loved me and my family more. We actually pulled off a surprise (which, if you know my Dad, is basically impossible) and conducted our very own version of the old TV show “This Is Your Life“.

We brought in people from his past from all over the country, including his former youth minister, a few of his best friends, the men who shaped him in his early years of ministry, the man who started our Intercessory Prayer Ministry at the church, thus changing the future of our church forever, some men and women who were called into ministry under his teaching, and more. With every person who walked out on stage, he was so surprised. It was an emotional evening, overwhelming at best. My mother was also recognized by the Staff Wives and Women’s Ministry Team as the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman that she is. We even had a mini sermon preached via video by Warren Wiersbe, and an original song written by our music minister and former 4HIM member Mark Harris. Everything was perfect.

We had a reception following the service, featuring my dad’s favorite foods: Sweet potato pancakes, Hawaiian Ribeye Skewers, Red Velvet Cake, Chips & Salsa, Cheesecake, and Edd’s chili cheese burgers and glass bottle Barq’s Root Beer, flown all the way in from his home town in Mississippi.

He and my mom were able to just be loved on and shown how much we all appreciate them. I do not think it could have gone any smoother.

So I can breathe again. Now you may understand why I have gone silent for the past month in blogland! Now that the secret is out, I am back to work. But not before I show you a few photos of the night… (click to make them a bit larger)

At the end of the night, this is just a small part of his legacy, filling up the stage and choir loft…

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