Africa Needs Me…?

Tomorrow will be three weeks since I got the phone call inviting me to go to Africa, and two weeks since the LORD answered with a resounding “YES”. Since then, my life has become a whirlwind of events. The Spring of 2010, which was fairly clear on my calendar as of late December, has now filled up immensely. From photo sessions and babysitting nights to yard sales and benefit shows, we are doing a lot of fund-raising over the next few months, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Already, in two short weeks, I have seen God provide in every way possible. In one of the toughest times in our economy, I have seen generosity that only a loving God of justice could explain. Whether people have donated, pledged to donate, offered their services, willingly given me the time off of work, or lifted me up in prayer, I am seeing the Lord’s favor in every aspect of this journey. The word grateful does not even begin to explain how I feel.

Everyone who hears about this journey I am headed on, seems to agree that this is God’s will for me at this time. This is where He has brought me. It is like all of a sudden a light bulb turned on for everyone as we all say in unison “Oh yeah! That’s it!” I can look back over the past three years and see how God has shaped me into who I am for such a time as this.

But as I told a few guys who have graciously offered to help me with an upcoming fund-raising project and were asking about my heart behind this mission… the t-shirt I purchased yesterday says it all. I need Africa more than Africa needs me. I need to be ripped out of the American Dream, away from the average American life overloaded with consumerism, reality television, Facebook and Twitter. I need to witness how this world lives and suffers. I need to see God being worshiped in the poorest places on earth. I need to understand what it is like to only have God to depend on in the midst of disease and poverty. I need the joy of the African people. And I need to be His hands and His feet.

This world is not my home, but while I am here, I will not allow it to remain stagnant. I will not enter Heaven and see the face of my Glorious Creator without having done His work. I will obey Him by bringing His love and His justice to His children. Whether they live in Kampala, Uganda or Albany, Georgia, His ever-present love must be shown.

2 thoughts on “Africa Needs Me…?

  1. I checked out this blog after Matt posted it on facebook.. I'm going to Uganda as well! My name is Kayley. Our names are pretty similar! Looking forward to meeting you on the trip and seeing all that God has planned for us there..

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