The Halfway Point

Friday night, we hosted a Valentines Weekend Childcare Night. We had 16 wonderful volunteers show up to hang out with the kids for four hours, playing games, eating snacks, coloring, and watching movies. It had snowed pretty much all day, so the kids were obviously excited. This was the first time since the 70’s that snow was falling hard in SOWEGA and actually sticking! It was a wonderful surprise! Well, because of the snow, only 29 of our 61 registered kids showed up, but we still had a very fun night! We raised $400 for our trip, putting me over the halfway mark in giving! I am SO grateful for everyone who has been so generous, giving of their time and money.

I was recently talking to a friend about how much money I have left to raise. I must admit, I was on the verge of complaining. I had forgotten how generous so many have been. I had forgotten that the Lord is Jehovah Jireh. I had forgotten the widow and her mite. I had forgotten what it means to give joyfully and wholeheartedly, no matter the cost. Well, he got in my face and said, “Hayley, did God call you to go to Africa?” I said, “Yes He did.” And he said, “Well, then He will provide.” And He has, despite my stupidity.

Until that point, I had yet to actually worry about receiving the funds. The moment I put down the $150 deposit a month ago, the Lord told me that I would not have to pay another dime out of pocket. So I am believing it. I know that people have a heart for the Lord’s people. Not everyone can physically meet their needs, but so many can monetarily. I have seen this time and time again in the past month. People want to make a difference. We see what the Lord is doing and where He is working, and want to be there in the midst of it. We want to do something bigger than ourselves for His Kingdom. We want to see His Kingdom come to earth. We want His will to be done on this earth. And His will is that His justice and His love be shown to the nations.

I am not saying that I am righteous because I am obedient. I am obviously not perfect. All I am saying is that the Lord has called this imperfect person to go. And as our missionary to Brazil Eric Reese says, I am more scared to not do what God has called me to do, than to do it. Yes, going to Uganda makes me a bit nervous. Not knowing where I will be staying, what I will be eating, who I will love on and what diseases I will be exposed to makes me somewhat uneasy. As much as I am excited, I am a bit nervous. But I would be miserable outside of the will of God. And I would be so much more anxious were it not for the fact that He is already there. He already loves on those children. He already comforts His people. He doesn’t need me to go. He wants me to go, because He wants me to be obedient to Him. He wants me to see His people in their desperation. He wants me to understand exactly how much He has been Jehovah Jireh for me. He wants me to not let them be forgotten. And He wants me to never be the same. And for that and so many other things, I love Him more every day.

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