This is a movement.

God is moving, and I don’t want to get in the way. This weekend, our church had our annual Disciple Now. I went into the weekend as I do every year, excited, but dreading the exhaustion that would ensue. Honestly, I had not given it as much thought as I should have. That is, until Wednesday. Wednesday night, God began to break hearts, mine especially. We had a worship service/kick off rally to prepare us for the weekend. The room seemed so dead while the band led us in worship. No one seemed to desire to worship their Savior. And then something happened. Eyes were opened and hearts were cracked. I ran to the altar to beg God to draw near. We needed Him. And He surely showed up. Or, as Ed Newton said, He showed up, showed out, and showed off. The altars were flooded before Ed ever got up to speak on Saturday night. He called many into missions and the ministry. He called many to repent and recommit. He called me to soak in the vastness of His glory and give Him all of the praise.

So that is what I am doing. Sunday morning, we had about 30 kids stand up and share what the Lord had done in their life over the last few days. We had siblings apologizing to one another, middle school boys apologizing to peers for making fun of them, the girl known as the “bad girl” claiming that her last 3 months of high school would not be wasted & would be lived for Christ, forgiveness of poor fathers, release from bondage, begging for accountability. God’s presence is evident in their lives. Since that time, we have had students praying and fasting for their campuses. This is a movement that cannot be stopped, and I am jumping on board! Will you?

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