Let’s Go.

Every day I tell myself that I am going to sit down and write about Uganda, and every day I find that my writings are insufficient. Maybe even trivial. Reading a well-written blog, looking at pictures on Facebook, or even briefly talking to me about my trip will not suffice. I have come to learn that no one will understand this heart of mine fully, except the Lord. My heart is changing daily. I feel as if more of my heart is in Africa now than here in the States. I just don’t quite know how to make what I saw, felt, and learned in Uganda an every day part of my life here.

One thing I have learned that is screaming at me every moment of every day is that we have become too comfortable where we are. I somewhat knew this a year ago after having studied “Interrupted”, and I didn’t know what to do with it. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what exactly “too comfortable” means for you personally and what to do to change that. My suggestion? Travel. See the poverty not only in this world, but in your city. It doesn’t take much to find it. So many people in the church feel as if they are pleasing the Lord by simply going to church twice a week and maybe participating in a weekly Bible Study. But we cannot stay in our “holy huddle” while this world that Christ came to save is lost and dying. We cannot ignore so much of Scripture that tells us to GO.

I am praying that the Lord makes me a sounding board to those who will listen so that together we can make a huge difference not only in Uganda, but in the rest of the world. There is so much more to obeying the Lord’s call than looking at photos of someone else’s trip and feeling sympathy. We must do more! I have said this before, and I believe it more now than ever: Alone we can affect a few, but together we can change the world, and obey God’s calling to feed His sheep.

I could write pages and pages of what I have learned, what I experienced, stories I heard, and more. I could share with you the heartbreak that I felt and continue to feel for those in need. I could share with you about the joy that I saw there. I was overwhelmed by the amount of hope and joy that these people have. It was contagious. And I could share with you about the thickness of the presence of God in Africa. I felt the Lord in a way I had never felt Him before. I felt Him in their hopefulness, and I felt Him in their heartbreak. His presence was strong as I worshiped with the orphans of Bethany Village. When I could not sing, and all I could do was say over and over “God, You are here. You are in Africa, and it is evident that You love these people.” I could share these things in great detail, for they are forever burned in my memory and in my heart. But now is not the time. Now is when you must choose for yourself today whom you will serve. Because serving my God requires a life change and a selflessness that only comes through Him. And serving the one, true God, requires us to go into the world with His light. Will you go?

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