The Captive & the Hungry

I am not sure why things are the way they are. Why we live in luxury and so many live in poverty. Why we are so spoiled and have everything that we ever wanted. Why most of the world continues to trust God daily for their necessities, health, and more while so many of us believe we do not even need God. Why so many children in this world go to sleep hungry, unsure of when their next meal might be. If you really think about it, I mean really think about how big this world is and how many people are broken and in need, it is substantially overwhelming. I cannot fix it by myself. Believe me, I would have already done so if I could. I am more than heartbroken by the fact that I cannot scour the earth finding every single person in need and bring them all home with me to a warm bed and a filling meal.

I find myself wondering why the Lord doesn’t just step in and save the day. I know that His heart hurts so much more than mine does for the hungry and the captive. I know that He loves each person deeply, more than any of us could ever understand. And I also know that He is Sovereign, and that His ways are not our ways. I know that He has a reason behind all that He does. And I know that He never acts unjustly. These simply truths are trustworthy.

I may not fully know why so many are in need, but I think that it is partly because of how much we learn when we give of our time, resources, and efforts. I believe the vast difference between my luxury and their poverty is in part because God desires the fortunate to show His love and His provision to those less fortunate. It is a blessing to give more than it is to receive. Like so many say, “I need Africa more than Africa needs me”.

The people of Uganda were amazed that we came from so far away just to love them. They have told us that our work brought great hope to them. Andrew, one of our translators, told us that we taught him how to love children. But I truly feel as if they taught me more than I could have ever taught them. I saw God in Africa in a way I had never seen Him before. And I hope and pray that they saw Him in me through my love for them. Because if it wasn’t for God’s unconditional love for me, I would never have loved anyone as I should, especially them.

So why did I go to Uganda? And why do I so desperately long to return? And why does my heart continue to beat daily for the captive and the hungry? Because He told me to go. And He has made His heart my heart, so that He may be glorified through my efforts.

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