Thoughts on My Story

I too often find myself lost in my own thoughts rather than listening to other people’s. I have all kinds of thoughts stored up in my head, just waiting to spill out. I long to tell my life story to a listening ear. I think that is something I look forward to the most about having a family. To be able to share my heartbreak and my stupidity, my hard-learned lessons and the things I would have done differently. Just to have someone listen, and to hear their story as well.

So far, my life has not been as exciting as my little imagination would see fit. If I were to choose, I would be living in Italy, Boston, or New York City right now. I’d have enough money to travel the world and give most of it away. But this is not where He has me, and I truly am content where I am. When I sit down and look back at what all I have been able to do in my short lifetime, I realize that I am indeed a very blessed girl.

One day I will share my story with someone who will play a huge part in rest of my story. So I’m going to wait for that person, for that next chapter in my story. But that certainly does not mean that I won’t stop living. No, I will continue to say “yes” to Him so that He can continue to take me on glorious adventures that I could have never dreamt up myself.

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