We have recently begun a new series entitled “Raising the Next Generation for Christ” at my church. It focuses solely on the importance of discipleship. I have the privilege of discipling three of the greatest 9th grade girls on the planet. I’ve been hanging out with them since they were 6th graders, and I cannot believe that they are now in high school, getting their learner’s permits!

These girls teach me so much about what it means to live out Jesus no matter the cost. They are secure in their faith and remain focused on their task of making His name famous. They are leaders in their school and they do not give in to the typical teenage temptations. They get up every Friday morning before the crack of dawn to meet me for coffee and breakfast, and never complain about it. A lot of this is because of their incredible parents. These girls have been blessed with some of the greatest, godliest parents I’ve known, who truly care about their daughters’ spiritual walks. Working alongside them to guide these girls in their maturing walk with Christ has been an honor.

We started out studying the typical tweenager topics: boys, mean girls, modesty, etc. They got it immediately, and I know that they long to please the Lord in all that they do, so we have since moved on. It took us a year to study through 1 John in detail, and we have recently started studying Philippians. It is my joy to study these passages and share what the Lord has shown me, and to hear how the Lord has spoken to them as well.

All of that to say, I love these girls and am blessed to know them and learn the Word with them every week.

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