The Fixer

I am a fixer.

When a problem arises, all I want to do is find a way to fix it.

{LOST fans, you can call me Jack.}

When someone is pouring their heart out to me, or even just sharing a crazy story with me, my mind is racing for possible solutions and possible reactions.

Did you talk to this person about it? Did you try this? Did you say this? Could you go here and see if this could help?

Obviously I am a type C personality.

Here is a little insight into me, the C:
“You are a perfectionist!

You crave for correctness not only in your own personal life but also in the world surrounding you. You are considered law abiding, procedure follower and systematically correct. You keep your actions within the set rules and regulations. You try to apply them in letter and spirit. You established a set of standards and principles. You make decisions by analyzing all the available information. You keep your emotions away from your decisions. You are not a risky player. You are logical and analytical. You may always be in need of more information. You try to correct your environment. You like business atmosphere to be inculcated. Your office life is well organized. Your reformist spirit makes the world an ideal place for you. However, extreme types and other dimensional developments may convert you into a fanatic.”

(PS if you haven’t ever taken a DISC profile test, I highly recommend it. It will change the way you deal with others, once you better understand them.)

I cannot tell you how many times in the last six months I have said that I wish I could live ___’s life for a day and just fix it for them. When I see people making, in my opinion, the wrong decision, it drives me crazy. However, in no way am I saying I’m perfect.

Here are just a few examples of my weaknesses as a C:
• You fear emotionally charged situations.
• You dislike expressing your inner emotions and thoughts.
• You can show stubborn behaviors at times.
• You make wrong decisions when you don’t find enough information.
• You evaluate others and your work very hard.
• You are depressed when facing sudden changes.
• You find it difficult to tackle many projects at a time.

All of that to say, I am having to learn what it means to just listen. Because I know that when I am sharing my heart with someone, and really laying it all out there, the last thing I want is for them to try to fix the situation for me. I just need someone to listen. To sympathize. Everything they say, I have more than likely already thought through anyway. I am just sharing because I need a listening ear. I need a support system. And I hate to say it, but I am not always that for the people I love. But I am trying. I want to be a listener. I want to truly listen and not try to think up solutions in my head.

So… if you need advice, I’m more than happy to give it. And if you need a listening ear, I am more than happy to try my best.

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