Uganda: A Year Later

One year ago today I got in the car with my Dad and Jonathan to head to the Atlanta airport and, ultimately, to Uganda. Looking back, I’m amazed that I was in no way nervous. We were about to spend three exhausting days traveling across four different countries on three continents through three hemispheres and on two different airlines. And I had a complete peace about it. That peace was even more proof, in addition to the months of confirmations I had received, that I was obeying the Lord’s call.

As we drove to the airport, I thought about how, in only a matter of days, I was going to be changed forever. My life would not, and could not look the same.

In fact, just a week before I left, I blogged this:

Please pray for me and Jonathan as we travel to Uganda. Pray for my teammates. For safety, security, health, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and a receptivity by the people. For an abundance of love, that our lives would never be the same and our hearts would forever be bent towards the least of the world. That when we return, we will help those who “just don’t understand” to understand. That it doesn’t become a pride issue, but a sense of urgency to come to the aid of those in need. That we constantly align ourselves with the Lord’s will, and live our lives in selflessness. I really appreciate your prayers. It is greatly needed! The next time you hear from me, I will be a different person. I welcome this change wholeheartedly.

I can honestly say that each one of these prayers was answered. And better than I could have ever thought.

I am still trying to figure out what my life should look like after what I saw. I still haven’t processed it all, even a year later. But I do know that my heart could never be more full as it is when I think about Africa, the people I met and grew to love as family there, and how I felt the Lord’s presence there.

This time next year, I’ll have just returned from South Africa. I am hoping to make a pit stop in Uganda on the way home. I cannot be that close and not go visit my African family. Plus, I’d give anything to have some of the people I love the most in this world meet Joel.

As someone very intelligent once said, “All I know is that every time I go to Africa, I am shaken to my core”. That couldn’t be more true. I welcome the change that SA will bring, and I ask for your prayers as we assemble a team whose lives will surely be forever changed.

One thought on “Uganda: A Year Later

  1. Great post Hayley! I feel the same way, I haven't processed it all yet, and I'm still trying to figure out what my life should look like. SA sounds like it's going to be an amazing experience, and to get to go back to Uganda would be priceless! If you do get to see Joel and Anthony give them a hug for me! :)

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