Camp KidzBlast:: Leaving a Legacy

My goodness it is hot outside!

I’ve spent this week standing under the hot sun, photographing close to 500 kids at our first annual Camp KidzBlast. This VBS type Day Camp includes exciting worship, fun games, small groups, and various classes including horseback riding, photography, art, interpretive dance, choir, drama, weird science, special ops, survival 101, and so much more! Each day the kids go home having learned a lot but, most importantly, they’ve learned about the love of Christ!

I love this new adventure the Sherwood Kids Ministry has taken on. It pushes the boundaries of a typical VBS, and makes a greater impact on everyone!

My favorite thing I’ve seen this week is the creativity and love of the volunteers. I love seeing grown men taking time off of work to play on the floor with kids, or teaching them how to survive in the wilderness. I love seeing senior adults greeting the parents as they drop their kids off in the morning. I love seeing moms, who spend every moment of their day with their own kids, sacrificing even more to cook and clean and love on other people’s kids. I love seeing teenagers taking a week of their summer of fun to get up extra early and spend their time with a bunch of crazy kids. And I love seeing all of them worshiping the Lord alongside the kids. Jumping up and down, dancing, and getting everyone excited about Jesus! (Cool side note: the purpose/motto of Legacy Park, where KidzBlast is being held, is “Bringing Generations to the Cross”)

I have witnessed quite a few special moments through my lens this week.

I’ve seen selflessness and gratitude. I’ve seen servanthood and joy. I’ve been encouraged and inspired.

And I’ve seen 32 kids come to know Christ as their Savior. That alone is worth every.single.thing we’ve put into this week.

Yes, it is insanely hot outside this week, but I’ve loved every minute of being a part of KidzBlast. Next year, I’m determined to put my camera down, and just love. Love as much as I can.

Bringing Generations to the Cross…

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