Book Review:: Son of Hamas

I recently completed one of the most intriguing books I’ve ever read.

Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef is a gripping, true story about the effects and struggles of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in Israel.

Mosab was raised a radical Muslim. He believed that Islam was the answer, and jihad was the solution to all of their problems. He was positioned to become the future leader of Hamas, the Palestinian authority that governs Israel’s Gaza Strip. If he had continued down that path, he would have become one of Israel’s most dangerous enemies. But something happened along the way that changed everything. Mosab came to the miraculous conclusion that Hamas is evil and Islam is wrong, that Israelis are his friends, not his enemies, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

How this transformation happened, and the choices Mosab made as a result, is the subject of one of the most powerful books I have ever read. Son of Hamas is a spy thriller surrounded by the spiritual testimony of a young man leaving terror for redemption.

As one who loves the country of Israel and has visited several times, I couldn’t have been more interested in the Son of Hamas’ story. However, I truly believe that every Christian, whether you’ve visited Israel or not, ought to read his story because Mosab gives detailed insight into the destructive mind of Islam, and their attempt to rid the world of Israel. He also provides the perfect solution to finding peace in the Middle East. These are things we, as Christians, need to know and support. Because if we turn our back on Israel, God’s chosen people, we turn our back on God.

It is nothing short of a miracle that Mosab was able to step outside of his religion, break down all preconceived thoughts towards Christianity and Islam, and simply receive the love of Christ. Today Mosab believes that the only way for Israelis and Palestinians to truly find peace with each other is to first find peace with God by embracing Christ. Reading his story inspired me to not give up hope, to continue to pray for my dear Israeli friends fighting to keep their land, and to pray for Mosab, as he is risking his life daily to tell others of the Prince of Peace. He truly has abandoned everything he knows and loves to share this message of hope, and he will be greatly rewarded for his sacrifice.

Mosab’s Father, Sheikh Yousef, on Al Jazeera

For more information on the book and on Mosab, visit

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