Ms. Crafty McCrafterson?

Lately I’ve found myself being super crafty. I blame Pinterest and HGTV for this. I never thought I’d be the one to find old things and make them better, or to spend hours watching HGTV, but apparently I am! I’ve been super happy with the results so far, but I am still learning as I go along. I’d love to take on bigger tasks, but we’ll just take it one step at a time for now.

My first project was painting the inside of my pantry with chalkboard paint so that I can easily keep up with weekly menus and grocery lists. Easy enough.

Then, I decided to move onto something bigger. I have had these stools for 3 1/2 years now. When my parents moved out of their old house which I began to rent, they left them behind for me. I didn’t liked them at all, but they were free, so I took them. I even moved them to my new place, because I’ve been looking for the perfect stools ever since, and haven’t been happy with anything. Then, my Mom encouraged me to spray paint and re-upholster them and see how I felt. And I LOVE them. They’re so unique and funky! Who knew a little spray paint and some fabric (about $30 total) would make such a difference!?

As with the bar stools, for the last 3 1/2 years I’ve had tv trays as my bedside tables. When we bought my bedroom furniture, we only bought a dresser and a night stand, because I didn’t want my room to be super matchy-matchy. But I’ve never been able to find the right bedside tables. So, when I saw this idea of vintage suitcases as a bedside table on Pinterest, I just knew I had to do it. Besides, my room is completely travel themed, so of course its perfect! I’m still looking into adding a vintage briefcase to bring up the height just a bit, but I’m very happy with the result so far! Then, I found this travel-themed cloth bedside table at Hobby Lobby on super sale, and it fit perfectly!

Then came my Mom’s birthday. My parents are the most difficult people to buy for because if they need something, they buy it themselves! So, I decided to get creative. I googled maps of each city that my Mom & Dad have ever lived in together, and placed them into a heart shape in Illustrator. Then, I had Frances print them out at work and I cut them out and posted them onto the back of the shadow box. Sweet and simple, and she loved it!

It didn’t take much for me to become addicted to chalkboard paint. The moment I finished painting my pantry door, I wanted to find something else to paint. So, I found this old frame at Livi & Co. and decided to purchase some wood and turn it into a chalkboard. I am slowly but surely adding Coral to my room in various accents, so I decided to paint the inner frame coral as well. Trust me, that’s coral, it just looks bright orange in the photo! Anyway, its one-of-a-kind, and I love it!

Next, I decided it was time to lighten up my house. I live in a four-plex, so there isn’t as much light as I’d prefer, so I want to make sure my home feels as airy as possible. The darkest part of my home seemed to be where my grandmother’s chest was sitting, so I moved the artwork to a new location, added this mirror (which bounces light and makes the room feel larger), and spray painted the candlesticks! Done and done.

Finally (for now), I’ve designed a little something to frame in the collage in my yellow and grey guest room. It took about 6 minutes to design and I just printed it on printer paper, but most people wouldn’t know that from looking at it! Underneath the wording is a picture I took while riding on a gondola in Venice, Italy. On the right are some adorable Ugandan kids, and the artwork was a gift from my friend Marie for my birthday. Its from The Street Child Project, an organization working to remove begging children off of the streets of Uganda, rehabilitate them, and give them a safe environment to find their creativity. What a unique and important mission!

Little by little, I’ve found that I am not as happy with something store bought as I am with something unique, with a little TLC and sweat equity added in.

My next project? Window treatments! This could take a while…

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