Fundraiser Photoshoot Catch Up

So I haven’t been great at updating my blog with my photoshoots that I’ve had as fundraisers, so I’m just going to use this post to do a little catch up!

First up, the Downes family. I met Kevin on the set of Courageous. He plays Shane in the film and is a movie producer/director out in LA. He and his wife have two precious boys, one of whom was adopted from Haiti, and might be the most beautiful child ever. Those boys are just too cute together. You’ll see. :) It was a nice change of scenery, as we did their shoot in Atlanta at the Georgian Terrace Hotel the night after the Courageous premiere!

Now onto some Senior Sessions. I was priviledged to shoot three beautiful ladies (Bree, Hayley, and Kimberly) a few weeks back, and I really enjoyed getting to know all of them better! I mean, how gorgeous are they?!

Finally, the Bailey family. I shot Blake and her daughter last year as a fundraiser for my trip to Uganda, and I was excited to include the rest of the fam in this shoot, and at a new, very fall-ish location!

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