Music Mania 1.0

You can all thank me now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Why the gratitude, you ask? Well, I have decided to share some of my favorite songs of all time with you. Now this is only my first post of what I hope to be many so I’m not going to reveal all of my music mania, but this post should definitely get your iTunes headed down the right track, if I do say so myself.

1. “Stranger” by Mandi Mapes
Mandi leads worship at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL. I could easily suggest you purchase her entire album “Til I’m Home”, but if I had to choose one track, it would be this one, with another following at close second, but you’ll just have to wait on that one.

Buy it here: iTunes
Watch the acoustic version here:

2. “Take Heart” by Hillsong United
I’ve never experienced what I believe Heaven will be like more than when I’ve attended a Hillsong United concert, and this is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Its been on repeat in my house, car, and office quite a bit lately. I crank up the volume loud enough to annoy everyone within a 2 mile radius and pound my fist to the truths found in these lyrics. Listen, and just try not to raise your hands in worship to our Overcomer. I think it may be impossible.

Buy it here: iTunes
Watch it here (sorry I couldn’t find anything with better quality than this):

3. “Painting Pictures of Egypt” by Sara Groves
I listen to this song often to remind myself that my unknown future in Christ is so much better than being comfortable in the known without Him. It is a beautiful picture of the Israelites wandering in the desert, and how similar we can be to them even today. In fact, the last time we were in Israel, I played the song for our bus as we were driving through the Judean wilderness. My favorite line? “If it comes too quick, I may not appreciate it. Is that the reason behind all this time and sand?”

Buy it here: iTunes
Watch it here: Sidenote: Don’t let the very 90’s looking music video distract you from the lyrics. :)

4. “Love Has Found Us” by Bellarive
I was first introduced to this band at some friends of mine’s wedding in Orlando on New Years Day 2011. They performed during the ceremony, which was actually more like a beautiful worship service, and as soon as I got home I looked them up. The lead singer has an incredibly unique voice, and I just can’t get enough of them. Do yourself a favor and purchase the entire album.

Buy it here: iTunes
Watch my video from Uganda set to the song here:

5. “The Earth is Yours” by Gungor
As Christian artists are concerned, Gungor and Bellarive are at the very top of my list. They have a unique and refreshing sound that almost makes me want to listen to Christian radio, if Christian radio would actually play more things like this. This song is one of my favorites on Gungor’s “Beautiful Things” album.

Buy it here: iTunes
Watch their video from the forest here:

Can I just jam out with Gungor in the forest every day? I’ll play the leaves.

Oh and… you’re welcome.

Keep an eye out for 2.0!

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