Jason + Macy Engagement Session

I became friends with Jason about four years ago, primarily because we have the exact same sense of humor (which I’ve found can be rare), and we both really love ‘Friends’. Jason is a thinker, a math nerd, a political guru, and one of the most honest people I know. He cares deeply for the people in his life, and is quite often the life of the party. We’ve laughed hard, grieved harder, and deeply conversed our way through these last four years, and we have found Christ’s sufficiency in each situation.

Then, at Chili’s on a Sunday night in November 2008, Macy unexpectedly came into our lives. Little did I know that night, as I was so guarded and wary of this possible new addition to our little group of friends, that she would mean so much to me. Macy is a fellow Texan, and proud of it (as she should be). She is always there to offer a helping hand, a crafty artist and talented painter, and a lover of the Old Testament. She brings with her a love of coffee and good conversation, which may be my favorite thing about her. I am so grateful that she didn’t give up on me that first night when I wasn’t as accepting as I should have been, because she is one of my dearest friends today.

I am excited to be a part of their special day, not only as their Engagement Session photographer and graphic designer, but also as a bridesmaid. I look forward to standing beside them in support not only on June 9, but for years to come. So, that being said, enjoy some shots from their engagement session!


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