Beauty in the Risk

We leave two weeks from tonight. Count ’em, two.

This week, we received a set schedule from South Africa, packed up and prayed over all of the wonderful donations that you have given, organized our orphanage plans, and now we’re sitting on the edge of our seats, ready to go!

Our Lord continues to amaze me. He doesn’t need me, and yet He chose me. To be His hands, His feet. To show His love. And to be changed because of it. Because, after all, I need Africa more than Africa needs me.

I wrote this on my blog as I was preparing to go to Uganda a little over two years ago:

I need Africa more than Africa needs me. I need to be ripped out of the American Dream, away from the average American life overloaded with consumerism, reality television, Facebook and Twitter. I need to witness how this world lives and suffers. I need to see God being worshiped in the poorest places on earth. I need to understand what it is like to only have God to depend on in the midst of disease and poverty. I need the joy of the African people. And I need to be His hands and His feet.

This world is not my home, but while I am here, I will not allow it to remain stagnant. I will not enter Heaven and see the face of my Glorious Creator without having done His work. I will obey Him by bringing His love and His justice to His children. Whether they live in Kampala, Uganda or Albany, Georgia, His ever-present love must be shown.

…or Musina or Johannesburg, South Africa…

I need this trip. I need to experience that contagious joy of Africa again. I look back on my photos from Uganda, and I’m not sure it is possible for me to be smiling any bigger than I did while I was there.

The beauty of it is, not one of us will come back the same person as when we left. Our hearts will be broken and will never exactly be put back together the same way. We’ll be struggling to balance all that we are trying to process with our reality here in the States. We’ll try so hard. so hard. to explain what happened, but it will not always be easy and our words will not do it justice. So we’ll pray that we bring that contagious joy, hope, and love of Africa back home with us. And that others will be moved by the Spirit to do whatever it is He has called them to. Because when He asks us to risk something for Him, it will surely be beautiful.

Enjoy this free design download, which I think makes for a great Facebook Timeline Cover Photo :)

{By the way, if you are still wondering what exactly we will be doing in South Africa, check out our team blog and get to know us a little better.)

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