So we are home from South Africa. I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to say at this point, but I felt like an updated post should happen. Here is what I can tell you: God WORKED. He moved in a mighty way. And we were priviledged enough to witness His work.

Because He is so good, and because of the faithfulness of so many, I have some numbers I’d like to share with you.

Your sacrifices allowed us to give:
130 pairs of flip flops
115 pairs of men’s underwear
80 men’s collared shirts
Dozens of sticks of deodorant
50+ Bibles
4 Suitcases filled with clothes and
$1,000 to help clothe and feed 130 children in an orphanage that was found the day after we left Musina.

BUT… Most importantly, we were able to minister to people from 9 different countries, and saw at least 290 professions of faith!!!!

I’m telling you… it was overwhelming. The need is GREAT. The harvest is ripe! The Lord is THERE!!!

Please pray for the people of Musina with me. Pray that He sends believers alongside these new members of the Kingdom to disciple and encourage them!

May He alone be GLORIFIED.


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