Israel 2010

After months of sporadically (Am I the only one who cannot say that word without thinking of ‘Clueless’?) working on my Shutterfly Photo Book from my third trip to Israel back in 2010, I have finally completed it!

Creating and organizing a photo book is my favorite thing to do after taking a big trip and I highly encourage it. It is simpler, cheaper, and more lasting than a typical scrapbook, and I have been very pleased with Shutterfly since my first Israel book back in 2006. PLUS I had so many promo codes in my account from deals throughout the last two years that I saved $150 on two of these bad boys! Hey-ohhh!

So check it out! And if you didn’t want to go to Israel before, you surely will now!

Click Here to View my Israel 2010 Photo Book!

Now time to start my South Africa book!!! And let’s hope its not 2014 before I’m done with that one!

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