My Summer Photo Essay

Since I no longer have to write a back-to-school essay about what I did this summer, I figured I’d show you in pictures. Maybe now you’ll understand why this blog has been fairly quiet recently.

May: South Africa for 2 weeks (as you well know) and Orlando for Memorial Day to help Erin & Bill pack up their house to move to LA.

June: Road trip to Texas to be in Jason and Macy’s wedding, taught K5 at KidzBlast (our version of VBS), and helped hostess a wedding shower.

July: New York City for dad to preach at Brooklyn Tabernacle and Mobile for Ben and Jessica’s wedding.

August (already): Washington, D.C. for dad to pray over the opening session of Congress and Los Angeles for Erin’s 30th birthday.

I’ve flown 15 times, driven over 35 hours, and spent 41 days away from home in only three months. And somehow, by the grace of God, I still have a job.

2012 was an extensive and exciting summer of firsts. It was my first time to South Africa, first time to lead a mission trip, first African safari, first long road trip with friends, first time teaching at KidzBlast, first time I’ve gotten an intern at work (hollaaa Ruth Anne!), first time to meet Jim Cymbala, first time seeing Newsies and Sister Act on Broadway, first time to see the Enola Gay in person, first “backstage” visit to Congress, first time I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, first visit to Disneyland, first tour of the WB lot (where I got to sit on the orange couch from ‘Friends’!!!), and many more.

And of course, in between all of these fantastic firsts, I spent as much time as I could beside the pool with my best friend. Classic.

The whirlwind has slowed and, thankfully, I’m home for a while.

But now I want to know…

What was YOUR favorite thing you did this summer?

5 thoughts on “My Summer Photo Essay

  1. You forgot to mention first time in McLeod pool!!! :). Honestly, I must say my favorite thing this summer was watching my baby boy marry the girl of his dreams! Hayley, thank you for your part in the shower and the wedding! I am so proud of you for so many reasons! Love you! Wendy

  2. Working with you of course. :) but really, that and spending time with 3 precious girls! Thanks again for making this summer awesome!

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