Love Does, in Fact, Do

I have never considered myself to be a person who is greatly in tune with the needs of others. I see the obvious ones, yes, but I am not very thoughtful when it comes to the small things in life. Yet I am constantly amazed by those people who are always thinking of others. In fact, I’m a little envious of them.

Part of my problem is that I have the worst memory. Seriously, it’s like my brain only wants to remember the useless things (like that girl in 2nd grade who wore a dress and shamelessly hung upside down on the monkey bars in recess, and therefore has no room for things like a loved one’s favorite coffee creamer.

In recent months, I’ve found my desire to meet even the smallest need has grown. A note in the mail, a cup of coffee, a gift card to a favorite restaurant – all given for no particular reason except encouragement. I long to be quietly conscious of others. I want to show love by brightening their day just a little bit. Because I know just how much it means to me to receive a card in the mail or a gift card to my favorite store, I want to do the same for others. And no, this isn’t a blog post asking you all to send me cards and gifts… although I would never discourage that.

This need has always been there, but has greatly increased after reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff. (Read the book description below… )

“In this book of compelling stories coupled with eye-opening truths, author Bob Goff shows you a new way to live, a way that’s drenched with the whimsy of God’s love and the spontaneity of following where he leads when he says “Go!” In this book, you learn what it looks like to be secretly incredible and advance God’s kingdom everywhere you are and wherever you’re going. For anyone who’s wanted to change the world but thought they needed money, a committee, and permission to get started, Love Does shows what can happen when you decide to do instead of planact instead of strategize, and fiercely, invisibly fight for the possibility God has gifted you to uniquely see.”

Bob Goff is a champion of love. He pays attention and lives his life meeting needs for others. He has made a habit of saying “yes” to anyone and everyone – and allows the Lord to teach him in every situation. As I read his book, I had to continually pick my jaw up off the floor as I learned what it means to love others. The situations he gets himself into may often be comical and unbelievable, but they are always, always soaked in love.

Bob has inspired me to go the extra mile for someone. Now I am asking the Lord to point me in the right someone’s direction. I need Him to guide me to those in need, provide me with acute awareness, and give me the ability to say “yes” to the unknown – big or small.


Besides, as Bob tweeted, “No one grows up hoping someday they’ll be typical. Get back to leading an inexplicable life.”

And while you’re living inexplicably, pick up a copy of the book, and help rebuild Uganda, one child at a time.

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