LOVE Africa T-shirt Giveaway!

I have ONE LOVE Africa t-shirt left from our trip to South Africa this past summer. It’s a Medium, and I need someone to take it off my hands before I head BACK to South Africa. :)

Musina High School

SO. Here’s the deal.

Leave a comment telling us one of two things:

1. How you have loved on someone this holiday season, or

2. How someone has shown you love this holiday season.

It can be a cup of coffee, a hand-written letter, or a new car. Just know that there is no act of love that is too small!

♥ A winner will be chosen at random THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21! ♥

And go ahead & download this design while you’re at it!


“It is not how much we give but how much love we put in the giving.” – Mother Teresa


Wow, I LOVED reading everyone’s posts about how you have shown love and/or been loved on this Christmas! Each post brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart! I pray that this is true of each of us all year round, not just at Christmas. Like the song says, Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day! :)
So, without further adieu, based on a randomized draw of a name….

The winner is……


Katies Comment

Thank you, Katie, for sharing!
(Message me on FB what address you’d like me to send this to!)

And thank you to EVERYONE who posted. You inspire me!!!

Happy Christmas!!!!!

11 thoughts on “LOVE Africa T-shirt Giveaway!

  1. I have loved on my teachers this year! In Galatians 6:6 it says that the ‘one who is taught the Word should share all good things with the one who teaches.’ I am blessed to be allowed to go to Sherwood Christian Academy, where I am taught the Word everyday. So the Lord told me to write to my teachers, telling them what I have learned about God through them. So I wrote one card to each teacher letting them know what they have taught me about God and how I cannot wait to see what they teach me next year! Even teachers need a little encouragement every once in a while. :)

  2. This Christmas, we (along with our Sunday school class) adopted a family! We’ve been collecting gifts (from tennis shoes to gift cards) to give the family this week. It’s so sad to realize that even though we do not live in a 3rd world country (like Africa!), there are families and children across town living without power or groceries. So this Christmas, we’re showing love to a single mother and her two sons – and that brings lots of Christmas cheer to my heart.

  3. We purchased & packed up 20 bags full of essentials along with a stuffed toy and a ball for 20 orphans girls in Peru. Steve went to Peru a couple of years ago and while there the group stopped at this orphange. These girls were not “sponsored” nor were they an AMG sponsored orphange so they only received a small bag of candy. Well this year Steve was determined that we as a family would make sure that the girls in the orphange would get a nice gift. Needless to say words can not express how Steve & Ashlynn felt when they saw the joy on their faces when they were given these bags.

  4. A family loved on me by giving me something I probably would never buy for myself: an iPod mini! This family looks after me and loves on me all throughout the year, their giving spirit is a humbling one!

  5. We, along with a few of our friends, have adopted a family this Christmas and are providing gifts and a meal for them on Christmas Eve. We’re so excited and blessed to be able to share the love of Christ with them during this season!

  6. We “sponsored” a shelter kitty this year. We made up a christmas box of things the animal shelter needs, like cleaning and office supplies, and also threw in some cat treats and toys for our sponsor kitty to enjoy until he finds a permanent home :)

    thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Loving on people is my favorite thing to do. It’s what my job is…if I can even consider it a job. This Christmas season is no different. There have been bus passes bought for random people, meals, coats, but the way I have loved on people the most this season is by this…spending time in prayer. Praying over my babies in Africa. Praying over the people I serve in Albany. And praying for people to serve here in our very own Nineveh.

  8. This holiday season I bought winter coats for local children in our area & donated them to Operation Warmth. The coats go to children who don’t have a warm coat their size to wear this season. I want these coats to bless the parents & allow the children to be wrapped in love. The sizes I donated corresponded to the same sizes my little niece & nephew wear. I just couldn’t imagine the thought of a little one being chilly.

  9. We were so loved with all the support and love during Katie and Landra’s weddings this year. New relationships, team work and reconnecting with family. We are serving Christmas Eve brunch with Mission Change as a family. We did this last year on Christmas night at FUMC and loved it. I love the tee I guess I missed ordering that one. Praying for you Hayley and so excited.

  10. I went to our local junior high to accept a check for $444 that the kids raised for mosquito nets for one of our orphanage partners in Uganda. That’s a lot of money for two 8th grade classes. I spoke about the circumstances that often force kids to the street and how most of the children have no family to call their own. A very inquisitive girl asked lots of questions about the kids; when I finally figured out what she was really asking, I stated that all of these kids were Ugandans and they would have dark skin just like her. That really seemed to spark something in her. By the end of my time there, she came up and gave me a Christmas Card and thanking me for coming. My heart melted. Best card of the season. Period. I found out later that this beloved is growing up in the foster care system struggling to survive without a forever family of her own. Every time I look at her card I am reminded that we are a broken people in desperate need of the Hope that came over 2,000 years ago. Our brokenness is the same whether in Uganda or Petal, MS.

  11. I have been on a very difficult journey. I was diagnosed with an operable brain tumor and underwent a full craniotomy. After surgery, I experienced what the doctor described as a “less than 1% risk” of not being able to walk. The hardest part of the entire recovery was learnng how to walk, feed myself, bathe myself, use my fingers and perform fine motor skills, etc. I was in rehab for 31 days…. since then I have undergone 3 more brain surgeries. One lady in particular I’m very close to…. Her name is Veronica. Veronica has loved on me from the very beginning. She was there for me and held my hand through surgery (Shes a nurse)… was there during my recovery and has been my biggest fan. She sent me a letter last week that told me how proud she was of me for overcoming the hardest obstacles that God has placed before me. Without her love and support, I would not be where I am. Sometimes the hand of God comes in the form of a brown haired woman at a local hospital.

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