Granny Evelyn


Alexandra is a township of Johannesburg. It is an impoverished area where AIDS is far too common. Looking across the skyline of JoBurg you see Alex, a land scattered with government housing and shanties, but directly behind it is one of the richest areas of town. It is unfortunately too common a sight in South Africa.

One of the beautiful things about my time here is that I get to pick a ministry to get involved in outside of my 9-5. I am excited about the many opportunities that we have to get involved in and praying through which ones I should focus on.

Our journeyman friend here in SA has been working in Alex for about a year in several different capacities. This past Friday, the Jozi 3 were able to join her in Alex where, on Fridays, she ministers to young kids at a creche (day school) run by Granny Evelyn. Granny Evelyn is an elderly woman (the term “Granny” is a sign of respect) who has a heart for children at risk. She began this creche as a ministry to kids who may have been abused, abandoned, or orphaned. We led the kids in singing, told a Bible story (translated into Zulu on an iPod, amazingly enough), and then we played with homemade Play-doh and bubbles and fed them a snack. The kids were precious. They are too young to have learned English yet, so Granny Evelyn had to translate for us. It was fun to see the kids’ personalities come through, despite the language barrier. As always, some of them were very outgoing and crazy while some were more reserved. Regardless, Granny Evelyn had control of the room for sure.




On the way home, we were told stories about the children we had been playing with. Some of them were HIV positive, some had been abused, and some completely abandoned by their families. She told story after story of Granny Evelyn stepping in to rescue these children from these terrible situations.

One of the things that really burdened us as a team was the fact that, once Granny Evelyn is gone, there is no one else to carry on her ministry.

My sweet new friend, Zimbini. She’s too precious.

Would you please pray with us – that the Lord would sustain Granny Evelyn, and that He would send someone to come alongside her to continue in this difficult work?

2 thoughts on “Granny Evelyn

  1. What precious children!! And what a phenomenal Granny Evelyn. She’s proof that God can use us at all stages of our lives. Haley, I’m praying that you will feel God’s presence and power and that He will direct your every move, every day. You have made yourself AVAILABLE and we’re waiting for His direction and miraculous intervention!
    Maxine Jordan

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