Spring Break in Africa

Last week was spent in Sun City babysitting kids while their parents, the Finance Team here in JoBurg, spent time honoring one another and the Lord.


Sun City is exactly as it sounds. A beautiful oasis in the middle of South Africa, right next to a game park and covered with pools.



We taught the kids about being salt and light to the world. We memorized Matthew 5:16 and kept our windows shut to keep out the baboons. We chased peacocks and jumped waves. We got lost in a maze and hunted lions. We soothed crying babies and laughed at flourishing personalities.







And Katy and I spent some quality time with a few new friends.




Sun City, you were so good to us.
Love you, mean it.

4 thoughts on “Spring Break in Africa

  1. Haley, You look so refreshed and happy! So glad you are allowing God to use you in great and mighty ways for His glory!
    Thanks for all the updates,and know that we are praying for you!
    We are studying “Contentment” in bible study. I sense you have a great understanding of this! We love you!

  2. Ahhhhh I’m loving the animal pictures, especially that one of the zebra! I may be contacting you about purchasing some.
    I’m adding Sun City to my bucket list!
    ps. I think Africa’s making you tanner. :)

    1. Yes, Brianne, you should add it to the Bucket List! It’s incredible! It felt like Disney World! And Sun City sure lived up to its name… hoping I can keep up the tan ;)

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