Isaiah 55:11

Driving to the mall to pick up Story Bibles for some kids in Alexandra, we noticed that the car would not exceed about 40k. After making a quick decision to go on to Alex before the car died on us, we were dropped off with our fingers crossed that the car would be fixed and SK could bring the Bibles back to us…

When we arrived at Ratang, we found that the cement slab where we usually play and share the Bible story had recently been painted and was blocked off with a “Wet Paint” sign…

Moments later, we noticed the new playground that had been completed by a team of American college students only the day before. Brand new swing sets, slides, and play areas awaiting dozens of energy-filled kids…

After checking out the new playground, a kid pointed out the presence of a puppy locked up in a make-shift crate and doing everything it could to escape (which didn’t take much)…

Once the children arrived, women began to hand out books, greeting cards, and more to the kids. And because it was free, they fought over every bit of it…

Then we found out that several of the older boys had to leave early. Mongezi had something happen at home that he did not want to discuss, and Bahle, Luhle, and Xola were expected at soccer training…

Looking back on it now, it is comical how many ways the enemy tried to distract and prevent us from sharing the Gospel with those children. Car trouble, wet paint, a new playground, giveaways, and a puppy?! How could we compete!?

But we were determined, so we prayed for wisdom and peace, and He gave it. And I am joyous to say that we were able to share the beautiful message of salvation with every child that day. A friend walked the older boys through the plan of salvation one-on-one, before she shared with the entire group. I followed up, reinforcing what my friend had said with questions and Scripture.

The Wordless Book

I told them that God loved them, but our sin separated us from Him. I told them that He sent Christ to bring us back to Him. That Christ lived a perfect life and did not deserve to die, but that He took our place and defeated death. I told them that He is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life. I told them that we must not just know about Christ, but we must believe in Him and follow Him. And that our reward in doing so is eternity with Him.

And I could feel your prayers, guys. It is amazing to me how the Holy Spirit can create a spiritual communion between the prayers of people in South Georgia and the words of someone in South Africa.

So thank you. Thank you for praying. Because of your prayers, the enemy did not get the last word in Alex this week. We know that the Word of God does not return void, and we are believing that many lives will be changed.

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