Articles I Wish I Had Written // Part 2

  • Is God Colorblind?
    “We do see differences between people. We notice when someone’s hair is different than our own. We notice when skin is a different shade. The problem isn’t in seeing difference. It’s in acting negatively toward that difference.”
  • The Truth About Short-Term Mission Trips
    “They are only short term to your earthly eyes because you are governed by time, but to the Lord, before whom time bows, 2 weeks are plenty for him to change the life of that missionary. We all must remember that in most cases, the missionary is more changed and impacted than the African to whom they come to reach out.”
  • Yes, Millenials, You Need the Local Church
    “Bill Hybels was right when he said, ‘The local church is the hope of the world.’ That is a truth the Millennial generation must grab hold of and fully embrace. If they do, they and their churches have the potential to change the world.”
  • Why What You Think About Foster Care Matters
    “Foster Care is an issue that can’t be ignored any longer. Especially within the Church, it’s high time for us to reach out to love, support and mentor foster kids throughout their time in the system and after they age out. It’s time to look at what we can do today to impact the future of foster care.”
  • Stop Following Your Heart
    “Joining the life of Jesus is not about being affirmed of every decision you make, but to be corrected in all of your ways, including your motives. New questions are asked, fresh and loving authority is in play—this is what it means to repent. God is our guide, our shepherd we follow at all cost, and we surrender this heart we want to follow to Him.”

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