bunnypark_076This weekend was one that I will not quickly forget. As I’ve mentioned before, every so often we visit Granny Evelyn and a bunch of super fun kids at her creche (day care) in Alexandra.  On Friday, we decided to take the kids out for a field trip to the Bunny Park. We crammed 27 kids and five adults into a taxi (I’m sure this isn’t the record for Africa, but it sure was for me!) and sped off to Benoni.


The Bunny Park is a large, open area that has tons of playground equipment, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, pigs, ducks, geese, peacocks, guinea pigs and, of course, bunnies! The bunnies roam around freely and are ready and willing to be fed. Talk about a perfect place for kids! We spent several fun yet exhausting hours wandering the park feeding slash chasing the animals and playing on the playground. I am pretty sure I will be hearing the children on the swings yelling at Katy and I “Mommy! Push meeeee!” in my sleep. After a while, my favorite (oops, did I say that?) kid, Ethumeli, fell asleep on my lap while we were taking a break from playing [*insert first melted heart here*].


After a sack lunch and an ice cream treat, we made our way back to Alex. On the way home, everyone was doing their best to stay awake, but many were failing. A little boy (whose name I forgot) and Ethumeli both sat in my lap and fell asleep, while Diketso, the older boy sitting beside me held my hand [*cue second melted heart*].

Then on Sunday we took two new couples downtown to experience the wonderfulness that is Bellevue Baptist Church. During the service, my little friend Darnell sat in my lap. And after three weeks of trying, I finally got him to smile! And of course, he eventually fell fast asleep on me [*you know what to do*].

Count em up:
Three precious sleeping African boys.
Two sore arms.
One drool-soaked sleeve.

I wouldn’t trade these moments for the world.

2 thoughts on “Hearts-a-Melting

  1. Precious… love reading your blogs. I know you are doing amazing things over there. Can’t wait for my Kaitlyn to get over to Uganda in December, but my heart will be torn. Praying for you Haley, know you are missing Refresh back here at home!

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