Just 10 Facts


1. Since college I have worked at three different SBC ministries as a Graphic Designer, Advertising Associate, Writer and Photographer. This just proves that, no matter what I may claim, I truly am a Southern Baptist. My father is a Southern Baptist Preacher, I worked for 6 years at a Southern Baptist Church and for the past 15 months I’ve worked for the SBC’s two largest mission organizations in the world, IMB in South Africa and now NAMB.

2. If you’ve been following me for even the last five minutes you know that my heart is all over this beautiful planet. South Africa, Uganda, Israel and Italy to name a few. Some days my heart just hurts when I think about those places and people and moments I so dearly miss. But I try not to make that the focus of every conversation and every instagram. I’m not going to lie, it easily could be, but I know how annoying it is when people constantly post about how much they miss some place or another, so for now I’ll stop with this perfect photo.


3. I am an amateur conspiracy theorist. I’m pretty positive that Princess Diana was killed by the British monarchy, Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were killed by the US government, and I want to find the island where TuPac is hanging out with his G’s. But the landing on the moon was real. I think. I haven’t really looked into it.

4. The top item on my Bucket List is to be in Prague at Christmastime. Because I LOVE Christmas and because this picture is everything.


5. I was not named after anyone, but once I was born my parents found out that my Great Great Something Grandmothers on either side were named MaHaley and Amanda. So that worked out nicely.

6. I am an introverted extrovert. I truly believe that I live on the line between introvert and extrovert. Whatever the situation requires, I just go with it. I love being around people and I love being alone. Both in moderation.

7. I love history. A fun day for me would be to visit a museum alone. I have to go alone because I like to read every single fact and quote available to me, and when I go with anyone else I always feel rushed. I spent two weeks in Los Angeles last summer and two of those days were spent at the Reagan Library and Lincoln exhibit alone, and it was glorious.


8. I probably shouldn’t be an American. I don’t like baseball, football or hamburgers, I am only patriotic every four years while watching the Olympics or voting for President, and I do not like country music.

9. If I could sit down over a cup of coffee with any three people it would be William Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, and Paul McCartney. And I would sit quietly and take notes. On a similar note, if I were to road trip with three celebrities, I would choose Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres and Conan O’Brien. With Justin Timberlake and Steven Tyler tying at a close 4th.

10. I am a Mouse Counselor, which basically means that I help people plan and book their Disney vacations for FREE! I just started in January while I was transitioning back here and have really enjoyed it! I’ve already helped plan and book several trips to Disney World, a Disney Cruise, and a stay at Disney’s Aulani in Hawaii! And people like to chuckle at the fact that my last name is Catt and I am a Mouse Counselor. Go ahead, you know you want to…


Coming up – 10 Favorites!

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